"Science and China" in the Greater Bay Area: Academician Professor Zongben XU Shared the Focus of the New Generation of Information Technology

On the afternoon of April 24, the "Science and China" in the Greater Bay Area was successfully held at the university organized by the Research Department. This event was jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology and HKUST(GZ) and supported by the Nansha District Science and Technology Bureau under the guidance of the Academic Division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

Professor Zongben XU, a famous academician, was invited as the guest speaker. Professor XU is a leading expert in the field of mathematics and information science in China, the member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University. He has made outstanding contributions to fundamental theoretical research in the fields of applied mathematics, intelligent information processing, machine learning, and data modeling, and has won many national scientific and technological awards.

The topic of Professor XU's lecture is "The Focus of New Generation Information Technology: Digitalization, Networking and Intelligence”. Professor XU introduced the technological foundation, basic issues, and future trends of digitalization, networking, and intelligence of modern information technology. He emphasized that these three are important ways to enhance the productivity of the real world with virtual space technology, constituting the framework of the new generation of IT.

Professor XU particularly mentioned that AI has gradually transformed from the development mode as a workshop, using a set of data to develop a model for a scene, to an industrial development mode, using big data pre-training and applied programming, and the strategic position of production factor is becoming more prominent. Professor XU also presented several topics such as "Is AI a science or an engineering" and discussed them with the audience.

The lecture received positive responses from the audience who had in-depth communication and discussion with Professor XU. The Associate Vice-President (Research) Professor Kaishun WU hosted the lecture and presented the souvenirs to Professor XU on behalf of the university. The event not only provided an opportunity for our students and faculty to interact face-to-face with the top expert in China, but also was a successful science popularization activity, contributing to creating an atmosphere of love for science and innovation in the Greater Bay Area.

Afterward, Professor XU visited the Computational Media and Arts Lab, which is the first theme-based lab put into use in the university. Professor XU said that digital media technology is the representative technology of the new generation of information technology, which can provide technical support and exploration space for research fields, including human-computer interaction, visualization, virtual reality and augmented reality, AI art, and other related fields, and promote the development of digital and intelligent education.

The event attracted the participation of university faculty and students, government science and technology departments, research institutes in Nansha District, science and technology enterprises, and many other fields. The interactions in the event built a bridge of communication between people with different backgrounds, promoted the interaction between academia, government, and enterprises, and breathed new life into the technological innovation and coordinated industrial development of the Greater Bay Area.

Xiaoyong LIN, member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Zhangyu CHEN, Minister of Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology Business Development Center, and Zhiping RAO, Deputy Director of Nansha District Science and Technology Bureau attended the event. Professor Lionel M. NI, President of HKUST(GZ), Professor Kaishun WU, Associate Vice President (Research) of HKUST(GZ), Professor Fu-Gee TSUNG from the Thrust of Data Science and Analytics, and Dr. Dongfu LI, Director of the Research Department, accompanied the visit and communicated with the visitors.

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25 Apr 2023
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