Systems Hub


To be a global leading facilitator for enlightening creative minds and fostering visionary talents, and to develop scientific knowledge, offer engineering methodologies, and solve cross-disciplinary problems.

Systems Hub


To serve as a platform for merging individual technologies together and implement their integrated functionality at the systems level, and to disseminate impactful technologies to the Greater Bay Area and explore relevant industrial or societal applications.

The Systems Hub hosts a cluster of cross-disciplinary thrust areas in Bioscience & Biomedical Engineering (BSBE), Intelligent Transportation (INTR), Robotics & Autonomous Systems (ROAS), and Smart Manufacturing (SMMG). Based on the fundamental research in various technical fields, the Systems Hub will facilitate the integration of multidisciplinary technologies and explore their applications. In addition to theoretical framework and experimental validation, computational modeling and simulation will be emphasized as well. Research highlights of the Systems Hub include, but are not limited to, bioinformatics and implanted devices, information fusion from multiple traffic sensing modalities, personal assistive robotics and human-robot interaction, implementation of Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing.

Systems Hub

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