President Lionel M. NI: Be Your Own Hero, Triumph in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is profoundly reshaping the world. Advanced technologies such as generative artificial intelligence are swiftly emerging and evolving, leading to a rapid pace of change. This brings new opportunities and challenges to higher education, prompting universities to contemplate: How can we foster talents who can excel in the age of artificial intelligence?

HKUST(GZ) has its own response to address this question of the era,.

At the 2023 opening ceremony, Professor Lionel M. NI, the President of HKUST(GZ), delivered an engaging lecture named "FIVE TIPS TO WIN IN THE AGE OF AI" as the First Lesson for the New Semester, sharing his profound insight into the age of AI .

According to President Ni, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping the structure of the labor market. Generative AI is propelling the advancement of automation capabilities, resulting in a shift in the types of job demands. However, automation does not mean the complete replacement of human labor. Instead, it is more accurate to say that certain traditional and low-income job opportunities may diminish, while new job opportunities and higher-income positions emerge simultaneously. In the future, it is the "pseudo cognitive workers" in office settings who are more likely to be replaced by AI.

So, what abilities and qualities are essential in the era of artificial intelligence? President Ni Mingxuan highlights five key words (A-HERO):

To better cultivate students' abilities and qualities, HKUST(GZ) actively redefines its approach to teaching and learning. At a broader level, the university has embraced the mission of nurturing qualities rather than solely focusing on knowledge transmission. The teaching methodology has shifted from the traditional "teacher-led" model to a "student-led" model, transforming the role of teachers into mentors, coaches, and advisors. HKUST(GZ) is vigorously driving a series of educational reforms. These include creating a learning environment that fosters the integration of students, technology and teaching, promoting personalized learning, and constructing interdisciplinary frameworks to enhance the connection between disciplines to address complex real-world problems.

Lastly, President Ni conveys a message to the students, highlighting that HKUST is renowned for its dynamic entrepreneurial culture and the can-do spirit. HKUST students and alumni are proactive and resilient, never flinching from challenges. They actively seek and create opportunities. In the age of AI, the concept of "hero" is redefined. It represents someone who possesses a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, exhibits high-level thinking, upholds moral values, demonstrates resilience, and embraces design and planning. President Ni hopes that each student can embrace challenges and, through their own efforts, become the heroes needed in this era!

Release date
03 Sep 2023
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