Kick-off Meeting for the 2024 NSFC Application and the Briefing Session on the Research Affairs Held at HKUST(GZ)

HKUST(GZ) held the Kick-off Meeting for the 2024 NSFC Application and the Briefing Session on the Research Affairs of the 2023-24 Academic Year on 17 November 2023. This event marks the initiation of the 2024 NSFC application preparation, helps research staffs understand the government funding systems and research management policies of the University in-depth, and improves the enthusiasm of research teams to apply for projects and further enhance the vitality of scientific innovation in the University.

Professor Lionel M. Ni, President of HKUST(GZ), attended the event, and Professor Kaishun Wu, Associate Vice-President (Research) of HKUST(GZ), hosted it. Over 100 faculties and research staffs of Hubs, Thrusts, and research institutes attended the event.

President Lionel M. Ni commended the outstanding achievements in the research projects since the University's establishment. He emphasized that the key points of future research works are three "strive for", one "make sure", and three "in advance": we should strive for the breakthrough of the talent projects, strive for the sustained growth of the major and key projects, and strive for the development of scientific research awards and platforms; we should make sure the steady improvement of General Projects and Youth Scientists Fund; we should mobilize faculty and research staff in advance to apply NSFC projects, do preparation in advance, and submit the application in advance. President Ni expressed his expectation that the University would achieve more excellent results in research work in 2024 to promote the construction of being a high-level university.

Professor Kaishun Wu gave a brief introduction to the situation of applied and approved research projects since the establishment of the University. HKUST(GZ) all achieved excellent performance in key and major projects, scientific research platforms construction, and scientific research awards applications. In the first year of being an affiliated institute of NSFC, the University submitted 84 project proposals that all passed the formal review, with a formal review pass rate of 100%, and 37 of those were approved, with an approval rate of 44.05% which is well above the national average. Professor Wu encouraged faculty and research staff to plan and prepare for the application of 2024 NSFC projects as early as possible and looked forward to the research teams meeting achievements again in 2024.

Dr. Dongfu Li, head of the Research Department, comprehensively introduced the research affairs of the 2023-24 academic year, analyzed the expert opinions on the University's 2023 NSFC proposals, and advised on the matters that need the attention of the 2024 NSFC application. He also gave a systematic introduction to the University's research project management policies, procedures of research affairs, construction of the Research Project Management System, channels of research project announcement information and other research affairs, to ensure all research management work is carried out properly and smoothly.

Professor Kaishun Wu also interpreted post-doc affairs in detail and answered related questions. The attendees had in-depth exchanges and discussed with each other actively.

Strengthening the basic and applied basic research is an urgent requirement for achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance. Since its establishment, HKUST(GZ) has attached great importance to basic scientific research, combining free exploration with organized scientific research, focusing on basic disciplines and innovative exploration around economic and social development and major national demands, and strengthening major original and cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research.

The departments related to scientific research management will continually provide research services and support, create a favorable atmosphere for scientific research, improve the research project management policies, encourage free exploration and organized scientific research, cooperate closely with academic departments, and promote the quality and efficiency of the University's scientific research work.

Release date
18 Nov 2023
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