Great news! HKUST(GZ) Information Hub has had 22 papers accepted by the prestigious Human-Computer Interaction conference, CHI 2024!

Recently, the acceptance results for the prestigious Human-Computer Interaction conference, ACM CHI 2024 (CCF-A), were announced. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) Information Hub has achieved a remarkable feat with a total of 22 papers accepted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), placing them among the top institutions worldwide in terms of publication quantity.

In last year's CHI 2023, Dr. Mingming FAN, an Assistant Professor jointly appointed in Thrust of Computational Media and Arts and Thrust of Internet of Things at the Information Hub, was honored with the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award. This year, his research group continues the previous year's success by having an impressive 16 papers accepted. Additionally, several research groups from the Information Hub, including those led by Assistant Professors Wei ZENG, Assistant Professors Zeyu WANG, Chair Professor Huamin QU, and Professor Kang ZHANG and Chair Professor Pan HUI, have also had multiple papers accepted for CHI 2024.

As one of the three A-class conferences in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Ubiquitous Computing recognized by the China Computer Federation, papers accepted by CHI have always been highly regarded for their quality. According to publicly available information on the official website of the CHI conference, CHI 2024 received a total of 4,028 paper submissions. Continuing the trend of previous years, the conference maintained a high level of selectivity, with an acceptance rate of approximately 26.4%. This demonstrates the rigorous selection process and the high level of difficulty in having a paper accepted at the conference.

The research findings accepted for this conference focus on the interaction between diverse populations and technology, exploring innovative ways of interaction. The research topics cover various areas, including VR for aging population, human-computer interaction for visually impaired individuals, intelligent creative writing, visualization of theatrical makeup, interactive systems in public environments, and intelligent landscape rendering. As one of the interdisciplinary platforms at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), the Information Hub actively leverages the advantages of cross-disciplinary integration and encourages collaboration among faculty and students from different disciplines and campuses. These achievements signify the Information Hub's continuous dedication and significant breakthroughs in the field of human-computer interaction.

Below are the research papers and achievements of our faculty and students (in no particular order):

1 Neural Canvas: Supporting Scenic Design Prototyping by Integrating 3D Sketching and Generative AI

Yulin Shen, Yifei Shen, Jiawen Cheng, Chutian Jiang, Mingming Fan, Zeyu Wang

2 Toward Making Virtual Reality (VR) More Inclusive for Older Adults: Investigating Aging Effects on Object Selection and Manipulation in VR

Zhiqing Wu, Duotun Wang, Shumeng Zhang, Yuru Huang, Zeyu Wang, Mingming Fan

3 Designing Unobtrusive Modulated Electrotactile Feedback on Fingertip Edge to Assist Blind and Low Vision (BLV) People in Comprehending Charts

Chutian Jiang, Yinan Fan, Junan Xie, Emily Kuang, Kaihao Zhang, Mingming Fan

4 To Reach the Unreachable: Exploring the Potential of VR Hand Redirection for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Peixuan Xiong, Yukai Zhang, Nandi Zhang, Shihan Fu, Xin Li, Yadan Zheng, Jinni Zhou, Xiquan Hu, Mingming Fan

5 FetchAid: Making Parcel Lockers More Accessible to Blind and Low Vision People With Deep-learning Enhanced Touchscreen Guidance, Error-Recovery Mechanism, and AR-based Search Support

Zhitong (Klara) Guan, Zeyu Xiong, Mingming Fan

6 LightSword: A Customized Virtual Reality Exergame for Long-Term Cognitive Inhibition Training in Older Adults

Qiuxin Du, Zhen Song, Haiyan Jiang, Xiaoying Wei, Dongdong Weng, Mingming Fan

7 Exploring the Opportunity of Augmented Reality (AR) in Supporting Older Adults Explore and Learn Smartphone Applications

Xiaofu Jin, Wai Tong, Xiaoying Wei, Xian Wang, Emily Kuang, Xiaoyu Mo, Huamin Qu, Mingming Fan

8 "It is hard to remove from my eye": Design Makeup Residue Visualization System for Chinese Traditional Opera (Xiqu) Performers

Zeyu Xiong, Shihan Fu, Yanying Zhu, Chenqing Zhu, Xiaojuan Ma, Mingming Fan

9 Bridging the Literacy Gap for Adults: Streaming and Engaging in Adult Literacy Education through Livestreaming

Shihan Fu, Jianhao Chen, Emily Kuang, Mingming Fan

10 CoPrompt: Supporting Prompt Sharing and Referring in Collaborative Natural Language Programming

Li Feng, Ryan Yen, Yuzhe You, Mingming Fan, Jian Zhao, Zhicong Lu

11 “Can It Be Customized According to My Motor Abilities?”: Toward Designing User-Defined Head Gestures for People with Dystonia

Qin Sun, Yunqi Hu, Mingming Fan, Jingting Li, Su-Jing Wang

12 See Widely, Think Wisely: Toward Designing a Generative Multi-agent System to Burst Filter Bubbles

Yu Zhang, Jingwei Sun, Li Feng, Cen Yao, Mingming Fan, Liuxin Zhang, Qianying wang, Xin Geng, Yong Rui

13 WieldingCanvas: Interactive Sketch Canvases for Freehand Drawing in VR

Xiaohui Tan, Zhenxuan He, Can Liu, Mingming Fan, Tianren Luo, Zitao Liu, Mi Tian, Teng Han, Feng Tian

14 CharacterMeet: Supporting Creative Writers' Entire Story Character Construction Processes Through Conversation with LLM-Powered Chatbot Avatars

Huaxuan Qin, Shan Jin, Ze Gao, Mingming Fan, Pan Hui

15 Make Interaction Situated: Designing User Acceptable Interaction for Situated Visualization in Public Environments

Qian Zhu, Zhuo Wang, Wei Zeng, Wai Tong, Weiyue Lin, Xiaojuan Ma Link:

16 C2Ideas: Supporting Creative Interior Color Design Ideation with Large Language Model

Yihan Hou, Manling Yang, Hao Cui, Lei Wang, Jie Xu, Wei Zeng

17 IntentTuner: An Interactive Framework for Integrating Human Intentions in Fine-tuning Text-to-Image Generative Models

Xingchen Zeng, Ziyao Gao, Yilin Ye, Wei Zeng

18 PlantoGraphy: Incoporating Iterative Design Process into Generative Artificial Intelligence for Landscape Rendering

Rong Huang, Haichuan Lin, Chuanzhang Chen, Kang Zhang, Wei Zeng

19 TypeDance: Creating Semantic Typographic Logos from Image through Personalized Generation

Shishi Xiao, Liangwei Wang, Xiaojuan Ma, Wei Zeng

20 VirtuWander: Enhancing Multi-modal Interaction for Virtual Tour Guidance through Large Language Models

Zhan Wang, Linping Yuan, Liangwei Wang, Bingchuan Jiang, Wei Zeng

21 Designing Upper-Body Gesture Interaction with and for People with Spinal Muscular Atrophy in VR

Jingze Tian, Yingna Wang, Keye Yu, Liyi Xu, Junan Xie, Franklin Mingzhe Li, Yafeng Niu, Mingming Fan

22 Enhancing UX Evaluation Through Collaboration with Conversational AI Assistants: Effects of Proactive Dialogue and Timing

Emily Kuang, Minghao Li, Mingming Fan, Kristen Shinohara

Release date
09 Apr 2024
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