2nd INNOTECH of HKUST (GZ) advances innovation in GBA

The second annual INNOTECH at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) was held on June 15 and 16, continuing its mission to drive innovation and technological advancement in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Since its first edition in 2023, INNOTECH has established itself as a key event for showcasing technological innovation and fostering industry-university-research collaboration. It serves as a vital platform for the commercialization of scientific achievements and the exchange of innovative ideas in the GBA.

The event not only showcases the latest achievements by HKUST (Guangzhou), HKUST, and their alumni but also serves as an important platform for the transformation of scientific achievements and exchange of innovation and entrepreneurship that extends its influence throughout the GBA, from home and abroad.

This year’s INNOTECH coincided with the fifth anniversary of the Outline Development Plan for the GBA, underscoring the region's ongoing commitment to high-quality development.

Professor Lionel M. Ni, president of HKUST (Guangzhou), put forward that events like INNOTECH aim to create a platform for entrepreneurial projects, investment institutions, and industry partners to interact, collectively promoting the prosperity of the regional innovation ecosystem.

One of the event's highlights was the announcement of a 1-billion-yuan ($137.82 million) mother fund by Guangzhou Industry Investment Group and HKUST (Guangzhou). This fund, the first of its kind between the investment group and a university, aims to support the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements in sectors such as next-generation information technology, intelligent and new energy vehicles, as well as bio-medicine and health. This collaboration signifies a strategic move to leverage State-owned capital for scientific innovation.

The two parties will work closely to build an open, collaborative, and shared innovative ecosystem, promoting deep industry-university-research integration and driving the transformation and application of more scientific achievements.

HKUST (Guangzhou) also entered into agreements with five fund management enterprises, including Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Value Capital, and DGC. These partnerships bring the cumulative financial support for HKUST (Guangzhou) in technological innovation and achievement transformation to 2.4 billion yuan.

In addition, the university signed a cooperation agreement with China Unicom's Guangdong branch. This partnership will establish two joint laboratories focusing on super-computing, intelligent computing, quantum computing, and the digital low-altitude and smart marine industries.

This event featured over 120 leading technology innovation projects and startups, along with numerous investment institutions and industry leaders. These participants engaged in discussions on the latest trends in science and technology while exploring potential collaborations.

The exhibition area was divided into four thematic zones, with a new addition focusing on low-altitude economy and future cities, highlighting national strategic emerging industries.

For the first time in this year's event, an overseas exhibition area was introduced, showcasing global projects and offering an interactive experience zone for visitors to engage with cutting-edge technology products and solutions.

In conjunction with INNOTECH, the Sino-US Youth Exchange Week, organized by the All-China Youth Federation and HKUST (Guangzhou), brought together a delegation of young American students, experts, and industry representatives. They participated in the China-US Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable and explored the exhibition.

Two high-level forums were also held on June 15, probing into the sci-tech investment in the GBA and the “going global” of China’s innovative technologies. These forums provided a platform for industry experts and investors to exchange ideas and share experiences, injecting new momentum and vitality into the technological innovation industry in the GBA.

Professor Lionel M. Ni, president of HKUST (Guangzhou), speaks during the opening ceremony.

A delegation of Sino-US Youth Exchange Week participates in the China-US Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Round-table.

Guangzhou Industry Investment Group and HKUST (Guangzhou) sign to establish a 1-billion-yuan mother fund for transformations of scientific and technological achievements.

Eye-catching exhibits at this year’s INNOTECH attract lots of people.

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16 Jun 2024
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