Faculty Training

Expert Review System is installed for courses and programs at the design and development phases, to evaluate their effectiveness, standards and the quality of courses and programs. It involves external experts in subject areas reviewing course or program intended learning outcomes, curricula, teaching methodologies, and assessments. Feedback provided by external experts is used to identify areas for improvement, make necessary changes to curricula and teaching methodologies, and ensure that courses and programs remain relevant and up to date.
Pedagogy Innovation

Institute of Education Innovation and Practice was established to provide teaching development of faculty and research postgraduate students in their academic careers. It also promotes the adoption of active learning pedagogies, including experiential and blended-learning, and the use of technologies to support and strengthen these pedagogies.
Student Representation

The student representation scheme enables students to participate in University Governance mechanisms and in University decision making. It provides students with a platform to voice their concerns and opinions, and to influence decisions that affect their education and wellbeing. Student representation also plays a crucial role in ensuring that universities are held accountable for their actions, and that they act in the best interests of students.