What do we want to do?

"The Red Bird Challenge Camp (Challenge Camp)" is an innovative teaching through practice activity, aims to cultivate the comprehensive ability of college students. It aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of college students for self-directed learning, empower themselves’ lifelong-learning, communication skills, empathy, hands-on practice, teamwork spirits, as well as systemic and integrative thinking. Guiding college students to pay attention to social development and empathy for others, the Challenge Camp cultivates students' ability to actively seek, creatively solve practical problems and inspires their innovative and creative thinking. A good foundation is laid by the Camp for the integrated talents getting ready for embracing transformational opportunities.

The basic image of the Challenge Camp lies on the belief that campers have the potential to innovative, the camp adheres is student-centered teaching approach. The Challenge Camp help students to unleash their potential by training them in design methods and thinking models. Students are guided to focus on "people needs" and stimulate their creative thinking through teamwork, obtaining a variety of solutions, then through hands-on practical experiment to solve, finally to face real-world challenges in the future.

What are we going to do?

The Challenge Camp’s application is opened to all outstanding college students with creativity and professional aspirations to participate in these well-designed challenge projects, which will cover a wide range of fields including mechanical design, mechanical engineering, electronic circuits, sensing technology, automatic control, signal processing, image processing, programming, machine vision, artificial intelligence, biomedical, materials and chemical, business administration, finance and trade, political economy, journalism and communication, media creativity and other interdisciplinary fields. These projects are challenging, interesting, and practical at the same time. Each program will be guided by academic advisors, industry mentors, and teaching assistants.

Students, teachers, and practitioners from different educational backgrounds and mindsets will come together to identify real-world problems that need to be solved and brainstorm a solution. Then they optimize the design through close cooperation, discussions and practice, and through continuous and extensive experimentation and validation, an effective solution to the problem can be developed.

What will you achieve?

The Challenge Camp is a platform that can unleash the potential and creativity of college students. Through this Camp, students can fully display their talents, explore the infinite mysteries of science and technology and learn from each other. They are able to stimulate each other's potential, cultivate team spirit, and experience the sense of achievement achieved through working together to tackle key problems.

The Camp is divided into online and offline sessions. Students who have passed the online training and selected by the selection committee can then enter the offline practice camp session.