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Complementary Campuses Reinforcement and Collaborative Development

Under the Unified HKUST-Complementary Campuses umbrella, HKUST(GZ) and HKUST complement each other by offering staggered degree programs. Riding on the international resources of the renowned HKUST and backed by the strong economic, industrial and technological base of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, these give HKUST(GZ) a unique advantage in offering more possibilities and opportunities for students to pursue a variety of career paths, including further studies, entrepreneurship and employment.

Holistic Education through Integrating Liberal and Professional Education

With the concepts of holistic education and cultural enrichment, HKUST (GZ) has created a holistic curriculum system that integrates liberal and professional education. The progressive system consists of "Common Core Program - Fundamental Courses - Program Major Courses ". It is complemented by residential college education, lectures, forums, and a variety of extracurricular group activities.

Consolidating Foundation and Progressing Step-by-Step

Common Core Program, the primary courses covering the first and second year of undergraduate study, scaffold students during the whole learning process. To develop students’ personal quality, knowledge, skill, and competence, Common Core curricula cover three cover three tiers of course group: Foundations, Broadening, and Experiencing. The "Foundations" are designed to build a foundation of knowledge and skills for the four-year undergraduate program; the “Broadening” courses is intended to broaden students' horizons and build knowledge bases in various fields such as humanities, arts, science, technology, and social science;and the "Experiencing" courses provide a platform for problem-oriented projects to encourage collaborative and experiential learning among students with different career aspirations.

Breaking Down Barriers and Exploring Aspirations

HKUST (GZ) adopts a broad undergraduate admissions system with a phased approach to nurture students. In their first and second years, students will learn various introductory knowledge of different majors through a series of Fundamental Courses, to explore their personal interests and personalize career pathways. At the end of the second year, students will choose their own specialism based on their interests and strengths, and will enter their chosen specialism in the third year for advanced study. In the fourth year, students will take Breadth Elective courses and transdisciplinary courses across fields, breaking down the traditional disciplinary boundaries and fostering a transdisciplinary perspective.

Individualized Education and Personalized Development

HKUST(GZ) promotes a flexible academic programmer. In addition, the university offers a run-through cultivation model which is featured by Bachelor-MPhil track, Bachelor-MPhil-PhD track, and Bachelor-PhD track. Undergraduates can take advanced courses in their chosen fields and apply for the MPhil's (PhD’s) continuous programmer in the final year according to their career development plan, thus making effective use of their study time and energy, as well as optimizing their personalized development pathway. Located in the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, HKUST(GZ) advocates the deep integration of industry, academia and research, and brings together all parties in an effort to build a world-class platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, providing students with diverse industrial internship training programmers, and supporting and promoting high-quality employment and entrepreneurship. 

Homeland Perspective and Global Vision

HKUST(GZ) places great emphasis on the development of global competencies for undergraduate students. With an international faculty team and international education resources backed by HKUST, the university will make every effort to create a world-class international exchange platform for students, by developing a series of international exchange programmers, supporting student to participate in various competitions and enabling them to enter the world stage. Students will expand their global perspective, while enhancing their confidence in Chinese culture and cultivating a sense of the profound feeling for Homeland Perspective.