"Echoing" the future! The first HKUST(GZ) Campus Singer Competition has successfully concluded

On July 6th, the grand final of the first Singer Competition was held in the Lecture Hall A. All the participants showcased their beautiful voices and passionate stage performances, offering the audience a spectacular audio-visual feast.

"Echoing" positive energy at HKUST(GZ) and showcasing the artistic talents of students and faculty, the Singer Competition was jointly organized by the Optimized Campus Service Working Committee and the Staff Union. The competition enriched the campus's cultural life and fully demonstrated the positive and enterprising spirit of our faculty and students.

As the first-ever "King" and "Queen" of the university, the Campus Singer Competition, which began in June, garnered the attention and active participation of numerous students and faculty members, with nearly 40 applicants vying for the top spots. After intense competition in the preliminary rounds, six faculty members and ten students advanced to the final stage.

The final comprised two rounds: group and individual performances. The contestants used their voices to convey moving stories, ignite dreams with music, and showcase their youthful charm with their soaring vocals.

Who will come out on top?

Following a fierce competition, the Campus Singer Competition's final round saw one champion, one runner-up, and one third-place winner emerge from both the faculty and student groups. The winners are as follows:

Faculty Group

Champion: Jiayuqi WANG from AMD

Runner-up: Weilin LIN from AI

Third-place winner: Yulong HUANG from MICS

Student Group

Champion: Pengfei HAO from ROAS

Runner-up: Chaoxu YAN from MICS

Third-place winner: Weitao WANG from EOAS

All other contestants who advanced to the final round were awarded a prize for excellence.

Daisy JIANG from INFH
Ziyang WU from AI (left) and Pengfei HAO from ROAS (right)
Jiayuqi WANG from AMD
Xiaohan WU from AI

During the finals, Weitao WANG gave a live performance of his original song "Drive My Car".

Weitao WANG shared with us that his creative inspiration came from watching the movie "Drive My Car," which was adapted from a work by Haruki Murakami. The film depicts the transformation of the protagonist's family life, from a complete family to him alone. Throughout this process, he searches for his true self and ultimately finds redemption. Weitao WANG reflected on this and said, "I hope to have the courage to live each day to the fullest and be true to myself."

At the conclusion of the competition, the audience participated in a QR code vote to select their favorite superstar. The two contestants with the highest number of votes, Jiayuqi WANG from the faculty group and Chaoxu YAN from the student group, were awarded the "Best Popularity Award."

On this night, numerous music enthusiasts came together and created a kaleidoscope of new colors, sharing memories of their youth.

We eagerly anticipate the start of next year's competition and another audiovisual extravaganza for us to enjoy together.

Release date
07 Jul 2023
Campus life
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