The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) Hosts the Preliminary Round of the “FLTRP·ETIC Cup” National English Speech, Writing, and Reading Competition

From September 23rd to October 8th, 2023, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) successfully hosted the 2023 " FLTRP ETIC Cup National University Foreign Language Competition-Understanding Contemporary China". The FLTRP ETIC Cup Competition is co-organized by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, the National Administry Committee on Teaching English Language to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, the ELT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, and the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education. It has been selected into the 2021 National University Subject Competition Ranking and is the only foreign language competition selected into the list. Based on voluntary registration and recommendation from language lecturers, 25 students participated in this selection competition, and 8 students will represent the university in the Guangdong Provincial Competition.

The speech competition of the 2023 " FLTRP· ETIC Cup " "Understanding Contemporary China"
The writing and reading competition of the 2023 " FLTRP· ETIC Cup " "Understanding Contemporary China"

On September 26th, the writing and reading competition was conducted online, and the contestants answered questions according to the examination procedure specified by the organizing committee. In the speech competition, held on Oct 8th, the contestants had to deliver a three-minute speech on the theme of "The Chinese Path to Modernization". 

Diao Keqing

Diao Keqing, an RBM student, focused her speech on the traditional Chinese culture of "Dao" and emphasized the harmony between man and nature in China's modernization process. LAI Sze, a student from Hong Kong, shared her experience of living in the Greater Bay Area and discussed China's modernization course through the urban changes in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Chew Ler Yin, a student from Malaysia, focused on the peaceful development of China's modernization process and offered insights from the perspective of an international student. Participants also answered questions from five judges and delivered impromptu speeches.

Chew Ler Yin

The selection competition of the 2023 " FLTRP· ETIC Cup " "Understanding Contemporary China" was successfully concluded at HKUST(GZ) on Oct 8th. The competition, jointly organized by the Division of Language Education and the Office of Student Affairs, provided students with cultural and academic communication experiences.

The award ceremony of the selection competition of the 2023 " FLTRP· ETIC Cup " "Understanding Contemporary China"

HKUST(GZ)’s contestants exercised their critical thinking and communication skills by conceiving and creating on different topics in the three competitions. They demonstrated rigorous academic style and accumulated valuable cultural and academic communication experiences.

The host team and contestants group photo of the selection competition of the 2023 " FLTRP· ETIC Cup " "Understanding Contemporary China"

Contestant's Statement

Yueran Qiu

The contest with the theme of "Understanding Contemporary China" made me explore different areas in preparation. The theme of the competition closely follows current issues such as the development of artificial intelligence, showing the country's pioneering role and determination to keep up with the trend. As a Chinese student, I have told foreign students about Chinese history, adopted traditional culture, and demonstrated cultural self-confidence and innovative spirit.

Yufan Xiao

During the competition, I discovered some aspects of modern China that I had not paid attention to before. For example, the use of AI. Our university is deeply involved in the development of AI, and I am glad that I have gained some understanding of it. In addition, the popular theme of "Chinese Chic" has sparked my interest in China's traditional culture.

Jialin Chen

The most challenging part of this contest for me was writing an analytical essay in English for the first time. Through the contest, I gained a deeper understanding of China's contemporary thoughts, such as technological development and national trend with traditional cultural significance. This contest has inspired me and affected my future development and learning.

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17 Oct 2023
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