@HKUST(GZ)ers, did the dazzling welcome party set you on fire?

At the start of September, as the intense summer heat subsides, students at HKUST(GZ) embark on a new learning journey. In line with this, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) 2023 Welcome Party arrived as scheduled, showcasing a dazzling array of festivities. Join us as we take you on a journey to revisit the highlights of this spectacular event.

Delighting in Song and Dance

Radiant lights, unparalleled beauty, graceful dance moves, and soaring voices converge in laughter and joy, immersing in the vibrant and delightful campus life.

The young and the youth come together at HKUST(GZ), crafting magnificent poems with their songs—vibrant, genuine, and passionately unrestrained.

Reveling in Games and Fun

In this very moment, as we contemplate the future, let our thoughts flow into words, composing a letter to the future, filled with hopeful expectations.

Throwing dice, playing ping pong, engaging in arcade tournaments—gather with a few close friends for an immersive gaming duel, vying for the prestigious Red Birdie stamp.

Following the adrenaline-pumping games, prize redemption becomes essential. Ring toss, claw machines—there's always a perfect fit for everyone. Which fortunate students managed to capture the elusive Red Birdie?

Savoring Delicious Cuisine

Amidst the captivating tunes and delightful dances, and in the midst of entertaining games, how can we not have delectable cuisine as our companion? KFC, Starbucks, light salads, spicy hot pot, barbecue, and cola—all these are the exclusive delights that belong to HKUST(GZ).

The effervescence of youth under the spotlight, the laughter and cheers on the gaming field, all contribute to painting a vibrant and unforgettable picture at this annual opening gala.

Anticipating the arrival of next year, we eagerly await our reunion once more.

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02 Sep 2023
Campus life
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