The University’s quality assurance governance framework integrates HKUST(GZ) activity at University, Hub, College, Thrust and Division levels, as well as University level at HKUST.

HKUST Senate

The Senate of HKUST is the supreme academic body of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has overall responsibility for all academic matters related to teaching and academic awards of HKUST.
HKUST(GZ) Senate

Under the University Charter, the HKUST(GZ) Senate is established in accordance with the regulations and laws in Chinese mainland. The HKUST(GZ) Senate is the supreme academic body which reviews the compliance of educational programs, decides and manages course offerings, education, research and examinations, and manages degree programs offered by HKUST(GZ), including the admission and course-taking of students. The Senates of HKUST and HKUST(GZ) establish cooperation relationships with each other and form joint academic consultative mechanisms to ensure two-way interaction, to maintain and enhance the quality of teaching and research.
HKUST(GZ) Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality (CTLQ)

reports to the HKUST(GZ) Senate and has strategic oversight of all aspects of teaching and learning and the wider student experience, including the following responsibilities:
  • To advise and make recommendations to the Senate on regulations, policies and guidelines relating to the quality assurance of teaching, learning and assessment by taking into account the University’s overall interests, to promote the quality of teaching and learning, to monitor the operation of related quality assurance processes at HKUST(GZ) in light of the “Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses” umbrella, and to ensure compliance with the requirements of both Hong Kong and mainland China.
  • To receive and evaluate annual reports from Hubs, Colleges and other academic units on teaching and learning in their courses and programs.
  • To advise on matters related to the evaluation of teaching, including, but not limited to, student evaluations of courses and instructors.
Hub Program Committees

Academic units are the backbone for academic matters and are primarily responsible for fundamental areas such as curriculum, subject matter and methods of instruction, and aspects of student life which relate to the educational process. Hub/College level QA structures are designed to ensure the quality of courses and programs of study offered, with the following responsibilities:
  • to perform programme/course planning, curriculum design, validation and management at the Hub level;
  • to oversee teaching and education related matters including but not limited to student admissions, student welfare and support, student examinations, assessment and academic integrity;
  • to align with University's general framework, manage academic regulations and mechanisms governing student admissions, exams and assessment and final awards.