HKUST(GZ) President Prof. Lionel M. Ni Inspects Campus Construction Site

On the evening of July 10, Prof. Lionel M. Ni, President of HKUST(GZ) led a delegation to inspect the construction progress of the HKUST(GZ) project. Present also were Mr. Huang Xiaofeng, member of the Working Committee of CPC Nansha District and Deputy Director of the administrative committee of the Nansha Development Zone, and principal heads of supervision and construction units. The delegation inspected the atrium of the core area, the interior of the administration building, the “smart brain” of the campus, the 600-person classroom and the roof garden.



Prof. Lionel M. Ni listened to the introduction of work by relevant personnel in charge and conducted a comprehensive check for construction site. He required design units to improve the image design of the campus facade and refine the existing appearance, such as moving the street lights that ruin the beauty of the main gate and comparing and selecting opinions on the basic flagpole slogans. He also investigated matters such as the construction transition plan of the atrium river and the construction of the site for the opening ceremony.



Li Bin, Special Assistant to the President of HKUST (GZ) and Director of the President’s Office of HKUST (GZ), Li Guimei, Head of the Administrative Resource Office of HKUST (GZ), and Huang Yu, Assistant Head of External Relations Department of HKUST (GZ) accompanied Prof. Lionel M. Ni on the inspection tour.


HKUST (GZ) will open its door soon. The campus construction is now entering the sprint stage. Below are photos of campus.


Campus entrance


Main body of the Administration Building


Main body of the Administration Building


The full view of the Administration Building at night


Administration Building and Student Activity Center


Release date
10 Jul 2022
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