Bioresearch Lab and Brain and Intelligence Research Institute are officially open, joining hands to explore the secrets of life's code!

Recently, a grand opening ceremony was held for the Bioresearch Lab and the Brain and Intelligence Research Institute at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). Professor Lionel M. NI, President of HKUST(GZ), Professor Shaobing QU, Party Secretary, Professor Jingshen WU, Vice-President (Teaching & Learning), Professor Kaishun WU, Associate Vice-President (Research), Professor Ricky Shi-Wei LEE, Dean of the Systems Hub, Professor Lei CHEN, Dean of the Information Hub, Professor Zhong QI, Head of the Bioresearch Lab and Thrust Head of Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering, and Professor Jun XIA, Head of the Brain and Intelligence Research Institute attended the event. They joined the faculty and students in witnessing this significant milestone in the development of bioresearch at HKUST(GZ).

At the beginning of the ceremony, President Lionel M. NI delivered a speech. He expressed that the laboratory is the core vehicle for advancing scientific research, particularly crucial for a "University of Science and Technology." However, building a world-class laboratory has never been easy. To enable researchers to start their experiments as soon as possible, various departments of the university have devoted tremendous efforts and collaborated to promote the construction of BioLab. President NI believes that each wave of technological revolution brings about tremendous changes, and biotechnology will be the theme of the next technological revolution. Therefore, he has high expectations for the development of BioLab and BIRI, hoping that research outcomes that truly drive human societal progress can be achieved here.

Prof. Lionel M. NI, President of HKUST(GZ), delivered a speech

In his speech, Secretary Shaobing QU expressed his view that universities are currently playing an active role in five spaces: physical space, virtual space, social space, life space, and outer space. He emphasized that BioLab and BIRI will serve as crucial pillars for HKUST(GZ) to make advancements in the life space. The university has outstanding strengths in high-level teaching and research, international education, and industry-academia collaboration. Secretary QU has high expectations for the future development of BioLab and BIRI.

Prof. Shaobing QU, Party Secretary of HKUST(GZ), delivered a speech

Subsequently, Professor Zhong QI and Professor Jun XIA took the stage to deliver their speeches. They warmly welcomed everyone's presence and expressed heartfelt gratitude to all departments of the university for their full cooperation. Both professors stated that BioLab and BIRI will live up to expectations, gathering a team of high-end innovative talents and striving for breakthroughs in the field of scientific research. They aim to contribute more to the development of the Greater Bay Area and the country as a whole.

Prof. Zhong QI, Head of the Bioresearch Lab and Thrust Head of Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering, delivered a speech
Professor Jun XIA, Head of the Brain and Intelligence Research Institute, delivered a speech

Under the gaze of the entire audience, the university leaders and heads of the lab and institute stepped onto the stage together, jointly pushing the button to officially launch BioLab and BIRI. Two large LED screens at the venue live-streamed the unveiling moments of the lab and institute.

After the completion of the opening ceremony, the university leaders and other guests, accompanied by Professor Zhong QI and Professor Jun XIA, visited BioLab and BIRI.

BioLab and BIRI Promotional Video

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Get a glimpse of the full view of BioLab and BIRI

BioLab: Open and Shared, "Move-in Ready," Enhancing and Accelerating Biological Research Quality

The Bioresearch Lab is a cutting-edge research facility designed to promote cross-disciplinary education and research, while also developing versatile talents. It provides state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment for individuals interested in bioscience and biomedical engineering research. The lab's key interdisciplinary areas include neuroscience, stem cell biology, cell and tissue engineering, biomaterials, synthetic biology, chemical biology, bioinformatics and data mining, healthy aging, as well as implantable devices and bio-robotic systems.

BioLab open experimental area

The Bioresearch Lab (Phase I) spans 2300 m2 and includes open lab areas, general instrument rooms, centrifuge rooms, microbial culture rooms, tissue culture rooms, cold rooms, disinfection rooms, and refrigerator areas. It can accommodate approximately 200 laboratory personnel to conduct experimental work. The Bioresearch Lab is equipped with tissue cell culture, microbial culture, molecular and protein experiments, and other communal facilities, boasting over 280 instruments and equipment such as carbon dioxide incubators, automatic cell counters, constant temperature shakers, ultra-speed centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges, multifunctional imaging devices, freeze-drying machines, vacuum centrifugal concentration devices, French Press, and liquid scintillation counters. These state-of-the-art facilities provide comprehensive support for biological researchers at HKUST(GZ).

BioLab microbial culture room

BIRI: Building a World-Class Research Platform, Advancing Innovation and Development in Brain and Intelligence Science

The Brain and Intelligence Research Institute was established in 2022 and was granted the status of a key laboratory for Brain and Intelligence by the Guangzhou municipal government in 2023. The institute aims to align with the national strategic objectives in brain science, with a focus on neuroscience and neurobiology, while also encompassing research in brain information processing and artificial intelligence. It conducts independent research in areas such as drug development and brain-machine interfaces. The institute strives to promote the interdisciplinary integration of neuroscience, brain science, molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacy, computer science, and biomedical engineering. Its ultimate goal is to become a world-class research platform for brain and intelligence science.

BIRI public equipment room

BIRI covers an area of over 3,200 square meters, with the first phase already in operation and the second phase still under construction. BIRI serves as a vibrant practice to accelerate the establishment of an innovation hub and create a high-level platform for scientific and technological innovation. The institute cleverly integrates elements such as intelligence, modularity, and integration. It includes more than ten laboratories and auxiliary technical centers, such as neural cell culture rooms, electromagnetic shielding rooms, microscopy rooms, darkrooms, and a biological sample repository. Additionally, it is equipped with over a hundred large and medium-sized scientific research instruments and equipment in the field of brain science and related disciplines.

BIRI cell culture room

BioLab and BIRI will take this official launch as a new starting point, aiming at the forefront of innovation. They are committed to promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research, bringing together scientists from diverse backgrounds to explore complex biological questions. These two technological innovation hubs will serve as important hubs for conducting groundbreaking research and developing new solutions to address biological challenges by focusing on excellence and innovation. They will contribute to the development of new productive forces in the Greater Bay Area and the country by building momentum and empowering the development of new high-quality productivity.

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07 Mar 2024
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